Geotechnical Engineering

A key ingredient in every successful construction project is a properly designed foundation. To help you achieve this, H.H. Holmes Testing Laboratories offers the full range of drilling and testing services to its impressive roster of clients. From our in-house soil and rock testing facilities and subsurface exploration equipment to our professional staff of technicians, engineers, geologists and customer service people, we have what you need to make the best and most cost-effective decisions For more information or to arrange for a proposal, click on "Contact Us" now.

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H.H. Holmes Testing Laboratories is a full-service Materials Testing, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering firm offering soil, packaging and construction materials testing on-site and in our laboratory. Headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois, we serve clients in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Montana and Texas with local lab facilities, drill rigs, pressure testing and engineering supervision. In addition, our Lab-In-A-Box technology has allowed us to place custom-built portable labs on construction sites around the world. Samples of every sort arrive at our labs from around the world for testing every day.

Case Studies »

Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX
Provided full-time construction material testing

Evanston Northwestern Hospital, Evanston, IL
Subsurface exploration and engineering analysis, pressuremeter testing and construction materials testing that included vibration monitoring utilizing seismographs during demolition, pre- and post-construction, home inspections, site development, soil, caissons, concrete, rebar, steel and fireproofing inspections.