H.H. Holmes Testing has advanced the technology of portable lab facilities to meet our clients’ quality assurance needs when removing samples to a fixed lab location is not cost-effective or when a lab wholly dedicated to your project is required. An on-site lab staffed with trained field and lab personnel can provide quick compressive strength results and other swift test results so work can proceed without delay. A portable lab can be a asset for DOT testing, plant or material pit testing or if additional space is required at a fixed lab.

Our Lab-In-A-Box mobile labs are built in 8’ X 8’ X 20’-40’ cargo containers and can be equipped to perform any combination of lab applications for soil, concrete and asphalt lab testing. Our concrete labs are outfitted with moist rooms for concrete cylinder curing rather than space inefficient storage tanks. The rugged container construction gives increased security to the lab in remote or congested job-site locations. The Lab-In-A-Box is wired to match the electrical supply needs in the locale where it will be used and can use on-site power supply or run by generator.

Lab-In-A-Box can be rented, purchased or leased long term and can be staffed by our highly-trained technicians or yours. We have dropped our mobile labs on sites around the world and would value the opportunity to discuss your quality assurance needs with you.

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H. H. Holmes Testing Laboratories has a wide range of materials testing and engineering expertise. Since 1936 we have helped our customers in a variety of disciplines from construction to packaging to better execute successful projects. We offer a variety of geotechnical drilling services to ensure the success of your building project. Our laboratory services span the full range of materials testing and research in soils, concrete, aggregate, asphalt, masonry and steel as well as paper, corrugated, wood, metals and plastics testing for retail, commercial, industrial and medical applications.

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Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX
Provided full-time construction material testing

Evanston Northwestern Hospital, Evanston, IL
Subsurface exploration and engineering analysis, pressuremeter testing and construction materials testing that included vibration monitoring utilizing seismographs during demolition, pre- and post-construction, home inspections, site development, soil, caissons, concrete, rebar, steel and fireproofing inspections.